Notion as a Project Management Tool

Most probably you have already heard that Notion is an all-in-one workspace tool. I started using it to take notes and to replace other tools for productivity. But, Notion comes with interesting components you can add to the dashboard, and that makes it very good for project management. Let me explain this in detail.

Notion Template Project, Task, Sprint

This template comes in a very simple format to put in your dashboard. You can use only project, or both project and tasks or all three of them, project tasks and sprint. Later, you customize it according to your needs.

Screenshot of the Projects template in Notion

As you notice, for each project there are set properties:

  • project name, status, owner, dates, priority, completion, and many more.

In a similar structure comes the Task and Sprint table. What makes it very powerful are:

  • the relation between projects, which can have several tasks, and contexts related to each other,
  • sprints that include each one or more specific tasks.
Notion Database

Databases in Notion are collections of pages. In this case, we will have the database of all projects and will use it as a repository of all our work. What makes this Notion component a powerful tool in project management is a specific view of it: Board View.

Board View of a Notion Database

This view practically is a Kanban Board. Notion Board views are an effective project management tool that can show you what tasks your team has, what tasks have been assigned to a team member, and their current status. When a team member is done with a task, they can easily drag the card from the to-do column to the completed column.

This way, Notion task management is just as good as other task management solutions in the market.

Integrations with other tools

You can connect the Notion dashboard with other project management tools. Some tips and tricks are:

  • Sync Notion with tools like Slack, Google Calendar, and Trello
  • Use third-party automation tools like Zapier to manage repetitive tasks.

Talking about other tools, inspired from Jira, I did a template in Product Roadmap, which you can find it here in my Gumroad Profile:
Jira Product Discovery Notion Template

An overall conclusion: Notion Database, the Board view, and very useful Integrations will highly improve your project management.

Keep organized, it will save you time and energy.



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