Mid-Level Python Developer with 4 years of experience in freelancing and data visualization projects.

Well-acquainted with database engineering, data processing, and data visualization.

Specialist in Python frameworks related to data such as SciPy, NumPy, matplotlib, plotly and Pandas.


AFDV Marketing, Ottawa, Canada
  • Python Developer, Part-time, Remote
    August 2022 – Present
    Analyzed SQL scripts and designed the solution to develop a custom ETL pipeline using Python.
Freelancing platforms, Fiverr, Upwork
  • Python Developer
    October 2018 – Present
    Developed and debugged Python applications for 50+ clients, to facilitate an easier process and user experience. Consumed APIs while utilizing Python requests to read and analyze numerous JSON reports.
Personal Website
  • This Blog is created and updated by me, since its start in August 2015.
    Prepared over 200+ examples, case studies, ebooks, guides, and blog posts.
    Instructor of over 500+ junior developers, assisting them in creating Python applications such as Iterative Quizzes, ChatBot, and Web Crawler.
Internetpeople GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria
  • Software Developer, Part-time, Remote
    December 2010 – December 2014
    Developed and updated web application back-end components, using Java technologies.
University of Shkodra, Albania
  • Developer and Lecturer
    October 2006 – May 2022
    Integrated Python Programming course in Bachelor of Computer Sciences, preparing course syllabus and lecturers.